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Client Highlights

  • Aydelott Productions and Santa Fe Productions
    “"Valles Caldera: The Science", part one of a trilogy, wins two 2013 Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards.”
    “NMSBA has been a key component during the transition of relocating my company to New Mexico.The access to the expertise provided has been nothing short of outstanding.”
  • Brown Ranch
    “With NMSBA’s help, we can now find the sweet spot of sustainability in wind development negotiations.”
  • Cellular Lightweight Concrete Leveraged Project
    “Through NMSBA,we have confirmed that New Mexico is blessed with natural pozzolanic materials that can help us manufacture CLC in northern New Mexico.”
  • Coalition of Renewable Energy Landowner Associations (CRELA )
    “We need to know as much about the wind energy industry as we possibly can because education is power. The classes were very good at putting the data in a form that’s easy to decipher so the landowner can understand it. Education is the best return on your money there is.”
  • Customizabooks
    “We’re transitioning from our development phase to a marketing phase. We’re going to start using the concepts from NMSBA,and I expect we’ll find out that it’s more helpful as we go. ”
  • Data Center Transitions
    “NMSBA reduced my manufacturing costs by 20% and made it possible to build everything here in Albuquerque. We should have our first million dollars in sales within six months.”
    “My connection with NMSBA has set me on the path toward commercializing a really cool technology.”
  • Enchanted Woodworks
    “The consumer research NMSBA conducted helped tremendously in knowing what the consumer looks for. As a result of this help, my business has expanded. ”
  • Facility Facts
    “It was a true pleasure working with NMSBA. From this experience we were able to facilitate strategic partnerships that have proved very beneficial to our organization.”
  • Fundamentalist Flowerchild Productions
    “I felt the attention that NMSBA lavished on my project was extraordinary.It’s not very often that a quirky, marginal business like mine gets this type of attention from such hightechnology institutions.”
  • Geothermal Tool Leveraged Project
    “NMSBA facilitated the refinement and demonstration of a software tool that has enabled our Santa Fe companies to reach out to potential customers all over the globe.”
  • Heelstone Proprietary
    “When you start from nothing but an idea, and you get the type of help we’ve gotten, it’s extraordinary. What the university has done for us is nothing short of exceptional.”
  • Honeymoon Brewery
    “Thanks to NMSBA, we have developed the first kombucha beer with the assistance of a top-level U.S. research facility.”
  • IBeam Materials
    “NMSBA proved critical in my company’s early stage, when we were still developing the technology.”
  • IC Tech
    “NMSBA assists small businesses like IC Tech, which do not have the resources or expertise to solve fairly technical problems. NMSBA basically fills a major niche for technical companies here in New Mexico.”
  • Innobright Technologies
    “With the assistance of NMSBA, I am realizing my vision of shifting the paradigm of “computing” in computer-generated imagery and visual effects rendering.”
  • Inspyrd Products
    “The engineers were enthusiastic about my project, providing such great insight and improving the design of the unit. If I didn’t have their insight, this project wouldn’t have made it. ”
  • IR Dynamics
    “As a result of research initially funded through NMSBA, I saw a substantial business opportunity and formed IR Dynamics.”
  • KemKey
    “NMSBA proved instrumental in KemKey getting started, and Sandia was a great partner—I am not sure what we could have done without them.”
  • Kids Hardware Kompany
    “Solving this problem would have taken me a year, but it only took three months with Sandia’s collaboration. Now I can put my product back on the market. ”
  • LAMMPS Instrument
    “Thanks to NMSBA, we have successfully demonstrated that the LAMPPS instrument can perform materials design at the atomic level.”
  • LASER Array Submounts Leveraged Project
    “NMSBA provides access to people and facilities that small technical companies like ours need. I do not know of any commercial company that would have provided comparable support for the problem we brought to NMSBA.”
  • McFarland Instrumentation Services
    “I don’t think we could have done what we did without the help from NMSBA. There has been a return on that investment.”
  • Milagro Ranch Resources
    “I’ve taught Spanish and PE, but ranching—it is in my blood. With the help we got from NMSBA on our Siempre Wind Project, our ranches may continue to survive in eastern New Mexico.”
  • Musicode Innovations
    “Thanks to the technical assistance from NMSBA, I will be market-ready once the refinements to the Midiwing instrument are made.”
  • PediBioMetrix LLC
    “They are providing the engineering expertise so that I can move on my own with some more modern technology. ”
  • Pharma Connect Xpress
    “NMSBA enabled me to secure expertise I could not find elsewhere in the nation, and these services were provided free of cost,which is a huge bonus for a start-up.”
  • Plectone
    “Can you create a double-pulse sound using standard, off-the-shelf guitar picks?”
  • Real Green Construction Leveraged Project
    “What NMSBA did is incalculable; economically, it’s incredible. Everyone on the project is getting business growth, and more people are looking at these technologies now. I believe we’re going to have a major economic impact in New Mexico. ”
  • Remote Well Solutions
    “I didn’t realize the gap between a good idea and making it a marketable product. NMSU’s Arrowhead Center introduced us to new and connected us to investors.”
  • Retriever Technology
    “NMSBA is trying to help you solve your problems. From a small business perspective, this help is very valuable. You can’t get it anywhere else.”
  • Right Sized Inventory
    “Thanks to NMSBA,our statistical anomaly recognition and resolution capability has been very well received by our customers and undoubtedly contributed to us closing all of our large customer deals since the completion of this project.”
  • RockSmith Precision Machining
    “They really took our production process from just a stack of blueprints to a real system. They’ve helped us with organization so much, now we can be ready when people start placing orders.”
  • Sigma Labs
    “NMSBA has helped us focus our internal R&D efforts and,therefore, streamline and accelerate our product development,which has a large cost savings.”
  • Sisneros Bros. Mfg.
    “NMSBA gave me access to engineering prowess I just couldn’t find in the private sector. This helped us prove that our product does what we say it does.”
  • Skyndex Leveraged Project
    “It was amazing to have the resources of Sandia. The engineers at the Labs had the specific expertise in mechanical design that made our idea into a reality. ”
  • Smart Battery Manager
    “NMSBA pulled together an awesome team that helped us realize our vision.”
  • Solaro Energy
    “Because of NMSBA’s help, we are in the process of constructing a second building so that we can fabricate our own components that we currently buy from suppliers.”
  • SportXast
    “By participating in NMSBA, we’ve been able to pursue cuttingedge technology for our mobile app, which has a direct correlation to getting more users and investors.”
  • Squlptures/Art Retreat Workshops
    “I knew that the problem was something beyond my ability to solve and would be useful to everyone else who makes clay prints. The help I received—it’s something I could not have gotten anywhere else.”
  • Taos Mountain Energy Foods
    “NMSBA enabled me to tap into high-level resources and expertise. Our company has grown into a national outdoor lifestyle brand, and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s all panned out.”
  • Tibbar Plasma Technologies
    “The technical evaluation performed through NMSBA enabled us to successfully compete and win grants to begin manufacturing prototypes of our technology.”
  • Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Leveraged Project
    “NMSBA and the national laboratories are the best way to go for small businesses, particularly for those that have complex technical problems. Without such support, many of these problems just don’t get fixed.”
  • Wave Energy Leveraged Project
    “This work by Sandia was key in allowing me to project what the cost of energy is likely to be when we scale this up into a commercial scenario.”