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Client Highlights

"Can you create a double-pulse sound using standard, off-the-shelf guitar picks?"

In the past, many attempts have been made to design and commercialize guitar picks that have two (or more) strike points. Plectone creator, Robert Taylor (not related to Taylor Guitars) asked a different design question: “Can you create a double-pulse sound using standard, off-the-shelf guitar picks?” Robert understood that the ability to create an effective "double-pulse" sound did not necessarily require a “new type” of guitar pick, but could be created by simply augmenting how existing guitar picks are used. For the guitarist, using what is familiar, but in a new way, is better than having to adopt and learn a new device entirely. Out of this "primordial” design soup of questions and thinking emerged the Plectone™ guitar pick coupler. The guitar pick coupler allows guitarists to use two ordinary guitar picks simultaneously. Plectone's biomimetic design is derived from the structure and function of the human finger itself, thereby making the coupler extremely easy to use, while allowing the guitarist to generate excellent double-pulse tones.