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Client Highlights

Real Green Construction Leveraged Project
"What NMSBA did is incalculable; economically, it’s incredible. Everyone on the project is getting business growth, and more people are looking at these technologies now. I believe we’re going to have a major economic impact in New Mexico. "

Doug Lenberg of Real Green Building Systems and four other construction and real
estate companies are offering environmentally friendly home designs in San Juan and
Sierra counties. They wanted to see how their innovative features stacked up against
industry baseline data.

The home designs integrate plumbing-based fire protection, solar thermal heating
and hot water, solar electricity, and recycled water systems into each home. Lenberg
and the other companies applied for a leveraged NMSBA project to obtain an
unbiased evaluation of their environmentally friendly and affordable home designs.

Through NMSBA, Steven Booth and Andy McCown of Los Alamos National Laboratory
conducted a cost-benefit analysis of homes designed with the green technology
systems. Their analysis addressed value and payback periods of each green
technology applied both to individual homes and at the subdivision level. They also
compared each technology’s performance against standard industry practices.

The cost-benefit analysis showed that the green technology systems offer a payback
in less than eight years and result in economic benefits to homeowners as well
as municipalities. The analysis revealed that a subdivision of homes built with the
integrated systems provides infrastructure cost savings for the entire community.

Overall, the cost-benefit analysis has helped Real Green Building Systems attract
investors and increase business and has spurred hiring plans by the participating