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January 25, 2011
Legislative Update - 2011

A True Partnership
The NMSBA Program is an effective partnership among Small Businesses, the State of New Mexico, and our National Labs. It has 10 years of success leveraging world-class science and technology to support state-wide Small Business issues and technical challenges and is still going strong.

Accountability & Economic Impact
The NMSBA Program, enabled by the Laboratory Partnership with Small Business Tax Credit Act, is accountable to the State of New Mexico for its expenditures. Each year the Program provides an annual report outlining projects, results, and economic impact.

The NMSBA Program measures its economic impact through client surveys conducted by Research and Polling and economic analysis provided by Brian McDonald, PhD Economist. This independent third party information is included in the annual report.

“The most tangible benefits to the New Mexico economy are the new jobs and retained jobs reported by these small businesses as a result of the assistance received.”

– Brian McDonald, PhD Economist

In 2010 the State of New Mexico along with Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories invested $4.5M helping 341 small businesses in 27 counties to solve technical challenges.


Return on Investment (ROI)* 1.24
* For every $1.00 invested, the state receives $1.24.
ROI is based on salaries of jobs created and retained.
Economic Impact  
Small Business Jobs Created and Retained 1549
Mean Salary ($) $38,574
Increase in Revenue ($) $82,498,526
Decrease in Operating Costs ($) $45,724,004
Investment in NM Goods/Services ($) $19,534,614
New Funding/Financing Received ($)         $17,423,750
New Mexico Small Businesses Assisted  
     LANL 235
     SNL 1501
     Combined 1736
Rural vs. Urban Businesses  
     Rural 1119
     Urban 617
     Combined 1736
Dollar Amount of Assistance