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October 3, 2016


Using methodology developed by the Renewable Energy Institute instructors, participants will learn to understand and evaluate the many considerations that affect the generation and sales of renewable energy in New Mexico, including metering solar  and wind resources, land use and siting, interconnecting to the electrical grid, key state and Federal regulations affecting renewables and pricing energy.

NEW: This year’s REI course will include Automated Renewable Energy Site Assessment (RESA). Attendees will be granted access to the RESA website to enter site data and create a customized renewable energy site assessment report for their New Mexico site of interest. 


Class begins at 9:00 a.m. and will finish around 4:00 p.m. with lunch at noon.

Introduction/Resource Data, Wind and Solar Basics

  • Wind/Solar Hardware
  • Data characteristics, energy capture

Wind Turbine/Solar Array Siting

  • General considerations
  • Aspects influencing array siting
  • Developer’s siting checklist
  • Flow over Dunes/Hills/Swales

LUNCH Live Demonstration of RESA Site Assessment Website

  • Review of RESA Questionnaire and user Help features

Developer’s Perspective, Project Viability, Pricing Renewable Energy

  • Developer’s perspective
  • Purchase viability factors
  • 10.PPA contracts
  • 11.Wrap-up, Q&A


On-line Registration –

  • Describe Assistance needed: Renewable Energy Institute
  • Request LANL as the National Laboratory

Paper Registration – Contact LANL NMSBA Office at (505) 667-4391 or (505) 667-1710

In order to register, you must be an owner or employee of a for-profit small business located in New Mexico. NMSBA cannot provide assistance to government employees or nonprofit entities.
  •  Lunch $15.00 per participant
Attendees should be able to interpret basic technical information such as charts, graphs and numeric tables. All technical terms will be defined and discussed during training sessions. Slide material will be provided to all attendees, for later reference including access to RESA.


Loren Toole - At Los Alamos, Task Lead for various infrastructure projects including electric grid and network interdependency studies performed for DOE, DHS and DOD, 2002-2012; Served as Enertech’s Field Engineering Manager for wind farm projects 1982-84. M.S.EE (Power Engineering), Georgia Tech 1976

Matthew Nelson - At Los Alamos, Lead developer for Quick Urban & Industrial Complex (QUIC) atmospheric dispersion modeling system. 14 years of experience with fluid mechanics, modeling and the physical measurement of the atmospheric surface layer. Ph.D, M.S, and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah, 2006

Craig White - Dean, Anderson School of Management, University of New Mexico. Tax Department Price Waterhouse – Fort Worth, TX 1991 – 1994. Teaching and research area – Tax Policy and Tax Incentives. P.I. - NMSBAP. Ph.D.(Business - Accounting) Texas Tech University, 1998


Arlo Corwin - Managing Principal, Advance Energy Partners AEP, a consulting firm assisting clients in developing power generation, transmission, and energy storage projects. Served as President, Power Network New Mexico (PNNM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Goldman Sachs Infrastructure Partners. Led wind energy development at EDP Renewables, formerly Horizon Wind Energy. B.A. University of Michigan; MBA University of California Haas School of Business