Client Successes

Voss Scientific

With the techical assistance provided by Sandia through NMSBA, we are now in a position of manufacturing the highest frequency bandwidth current sensors in the world.

In business for 30 years in Albuquerque, Voss Scientific’s areas of expertise
include fully integrated data acquisition systems for capturing transient
signals, autonomous electromagnetic susceptibly testing of electronic
systems, high power short pulse lasers, and computational plasma physics
simulations software. The development of the CP-560 sensor naturally grew
out of these activities. A little bigger than a dime, the CP-560 allows current
measurements for any experiment or application involving electrical signals
with ultrafast temporal phenomena, such as protecting explosive ordnance,
electrostatic discharge testing of electronics, and even developing improved
hard disks for computers.

Although the CP-560 worked well, Romeo Fabia, an engineering technologist
at Sandia National Laboratories, contacted his supplier, Voss Scientific, to
discuss his program’s need for a higher frequency response. To help tackle
this problem, Voss Scientific reached out to NMSBA, which provided a method
for Fabia and the company to work together in utilizing the extraordinary
instrumentation capability available at Sandia. Working with Fabia and his
team, Tom McVeety, senior RF engineer at Voss Scientific, improved the
sensor’s performance through a redesign. As a result of Sandia’s technical
assistance, the bandwidth of the CP-560 was extended from 6 GHz to beyond
20 GHz. Moreover, the company received outside validation from Sandia
regarding the product’s enhanced performance.

NMSBA’s technical assistance enabled Voss Scientific to increase annual sales by
$75,000. It also led to the company expanding its customer base to include MIT
and the United States Army, with recent product orders exceeding $52,000.