Client Successes

Heelstone Proprietary

When you start from nothing but an idea, and you get the type of help we’ve gotten, it’s extraordinary. What the university has done for us is nothing short of exceptional.

Beyond agricultural applications, humate is a little-known organic material; however, its use and importance could soon change. Michael Meyer and Timothy Strosnider each consult for and market humate products through their respective New Mexico companies, Heelstone Proprietary and Enchantment Organics. They turned to the NMSBA Program to help them find other beneficial uses of the material.

Through NMSBA, the two companies worked with University of New Mexico professors Craig White and Steve Walsh. White and Walsh conducted technology commercialization and expeditionary marketing studies and identified a surprisingly wide range of new and viable humate markets, from remediating soils damaged by forest fires or well drilling, to creating organic industrial dyes and treating autoimmune and blood diseases.

The collaboration has helped Meyer and Strosnider expand into retail opportunities for humate products. In part due to the assistance received through NMSBA, the two-year-old Heelstone has increased humate sales and profitability.