Client Successes


We’re transitioning from our development phase to a marketing phase. We’re going to start using the concepts from NMSBA,and I expect we’ll find out that it’s more helpful as we go.

Tom Anderson’s company, Customizabooks, LLC, works with people to convert their children’s books or stories into digital apps. In this rapidly growing digital field, Anderson was looking for help in both improving his interactive book apps and taking his product outside traditional markets.

NMSBA paired Anderson with University of New Mexico (UNM) professor Steve Walsh and his team of students. UNM students Ryan Brown and Ruth Karkiewicz worked together to analyze the company’s production process. They then proposed suggestions for advancing the graphics and animations in Anderson’s mobile apps.

To help identify different primary customers, Walsh brought in student Nathan Tafoya to use a non-traditional expeditionary marketing approach, which involves searching for markets in places businesses don’t currently exist. Using this commercial development technique, they analyzed the technology’s unique benefits, developed a commercialization strategy for the company, and recommended innovative ways for Anderson to market the digital apps.

As a result of the help, Customizabooks was able to accelerate its time to market, generate a new customer base, and find other potential customers. Coupled with the Los Alamos National Security (LANS) Venture
Acceleration Fund, the production and marketing assistance from UNM allowed Customizabooks to successfully obtain a first round of funding.