Client Successes


By participating in NMSBA, we’ve been able to pursue cuttingedge technology for our mobile app, which has a direct correlation to getting more users and investors.

Imagine using your smartphone to capture action-packed highlights of your favorite soccer match, football game, or any other sporting event and having them streamed real-time for fans, family, and friends to enjoy. The SportXast smartphone app does just that, allowing fans to capture, watch, and share
real-time video highlights of local sporting events.

To further improve the sports app, SportXast’s Molly Cernicek was interested in adding automated tagging within its sport videos. She turned to NMSBA for help in identifying computer vision algorithms that could be integrated into the company’s app. The company’s needs aligned with the expertise of Steven Brumby,
a computer vision expert at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Steven Brumby explored several algorithms and advised SportXast of emerging, open-source computer vision tools that were affordable, cost-effective, and accessible to a small business.

SportXast evaluated Brumby’s suggestions to determine which tools fit best with their mobile app. Because of the help from Los Alamos National Laboratory through NMSBA, SportXast hired its own computer-vision developer to integrate these features into its app. The solution has put SportXast in a favorable market
position to have powerful features and potential revenue sources.