Client Successes

Pharma Connect Xpress

NMSBA enabled me to secure expertise I could not find elsewhere in the nation, and these services were provided free of cost,which is a huge bonus for a start-up.

Research estimates show that as many as 60% of medical practices restrict access to pharmaceutical reps, yet physicians continue to need informative resources. Pharma Connect Xpress offers a user-centered solution that transforms pharmaceutical promotion. Kimberly Corbitt worked with healthcare providers to develop a platform welcomed in offices and institutions nationwide.

With the Xpress model, everyone benefits. Doctors steer the conversation between the medical community and pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies see an improved return on investment. Patients receive the support they need to be well, and doctors are empowered with effective means to do their work. Xpress connects these elements through rich data in a constantly improving cycle.

NMSBA paired Corbitt with Kary Myers, PhD, of the Statistical Sciences Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Myers applied her statistics and machine-learning expertise to explore data from Xpress’s pilot studies. She recommended analysis strategies to obtain as much information as possible from the Xpress data set and helped craft a data-analytics story to explain the value of the Xpress system to stakeholders.

Myers’s involvement gave Xpress the level of analytical sophistication needed to meet its goals. Xpress is using the results to help articulate the applicability and usefulness of the software. As a result, the company has attracted investments and the interest of potential partners from pharmaceutical companies and healthcare institutions. Xpress is currently in discussions with two nationally renowned medical institutions and anticipates creating three to five executive-level positions in New Mexico.