Client Successes

Kool Armor

Our collaboration with the Arrowhead Center through NMSBA provided the results needed to demonstrate that our product does what we claim and allowed us to enter the U.S. marketplace.

On any sunny day, the temperature of roofs can increase up to 50 degrees
above ambient temperature. This means that more heat on the surface
allows more heat to transfer into the building. These higher temperatures
in buildings result in increased energy usage and deterioration of roofs
over time.

To address this issue in the United States, Mauricio Murguia formed
Kool Armor, a company dedicated to using a cool ambient technology
known as KoolKat. Already extensively used in Mexico, this water-based,
nontoxic coating is designed to dramatically reduce the temperatures of
surfaces exposed to the sun. However, until now no testing had occurred
in the U.S. to validate the empirical results already observed.

To get the needed data, Murguia reached out to NMSBA, which connected
him to the Arrowhead Center at New Mexico State University. The team led by
Griselda Martínez and Kristin Morehead tested KoolKat against other types
of coatings, and analyzed KoolKat under a variety of temperatures on various
types of structures over an extended period of time.

With these independent test results, Kool Armor was able to secure its first
contract, with a major distributor on the East Coast. Worth $70,000, this
contract consists of Kool Armor applying KoolKat to more than 140 storage
trailers over the next six months. Kool Armor is expanding its application and
testing of KoolKat on larger suites of materials and is aggressively pursuing
more contracts for their product.