Legislative Report

2018 Legislative Report:
Laboratory Partnership with Small Business Tax Credit

NMSBA, which is made possible by the Laboratory Partnership with Small Business Tax Credit Act, was initiated by the New Mexico State Legislature in 2000 and expanded in 2007. Since its inception, NMSBA has allowed over 2600 small New Mexico businesses to access the scientific and technical expertise of Los Alamos and Sandia national laboratories and specialized contractors.

This Legislative Report website provides a listing of all the small businesses throughout the State of New Mexico that have taken advantage of assistance provided by the national laboratories since the inception of NMSBA. The small businesses are sorted under the Senate and House representatives of the business' district.  

Quick Reference For New Mexico's Fifty-Fourth Legislature
First Session, 2018


Senate Leadership

President Pro Tempore Mary Kay Papen Democrat
Senate Majority Floor Leader Peter Wirth Democrat
Senate Minority Floor Leader Stuart Ingle Republican
Senate Majority Whip Mimi Stewart Democrat
Senate Minority Whip William H. Payne Republican

House Leadership

Speaker of the House Brian Egolf Democrat
House Majority Floor Leader Sheryl Williams Stapleton Democrat
House Minority Floor Leader Nate Gentry Republican
House Majority Whip Doreen Y. Gallegos Democrat
House Minority Whip Rod Montoya Republican

New Mexico Senate

Name Party County/Counties District
Baca, Gregory A. R Bernalillo, San Miguel, Valencia 29
Brandt, Craig W. R Bernalillo, Sandoval 40
Burt, William F. R Chaves, Eddy, Lincoln, Otero 33
Campos, Pete D Colfax, Guadalupe, Harding, Mora, Quay, San Miguel, Taos, Union 8
Candelaria, Jacob R. D Bernalillo 26
Cervantes, Joseph D Doña Ana 31
Cisneros, Carlos R. D Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, Santa Fe, Taos 6
Gould, Candace R Bernalillo, Sandoval 10
Griggs, Ron R Doña Ana, Eddy, Otero 34
Ingle, Stuart R Chaves, Curry, DeBaca, Lea, Roosevelt 27
Ivey-Soto, Daniel A. D Bernalillo 15
Jr., Benny Shendo, D McKinley, Rio Arriba, San Juan, Sandoval 22
Kernan, Gay G. R Eddy, Lea 42
Leavell, Carroll H. R Eddy, Lea 41
Lopez, Linda M. D Bernalillo 11
Martinez, Richard C. D Bernalillo, Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, Santa Fe 5
McSorley, Cisco D Bernalillo, Santa Fe 16
Moores, Mark R Bernalillo, Sandoval 21
Morales, Howie C. D Catron, Grant, Socorro 28
Munoz, George K. D Cibola, McKinley 4
Neville, Steven P. R San Juan 2
O'Neill, Bill B. D Bernalillo 13
Padilla, Michael D Bernalillo 14
Papen, Mary Kay D Doña Ana 38
Payne, William H. R Bernalillo 20
Pino, Gerald Ortiz y D Bernalillo 12
Pinto, John D McKinley, San Juan 3
Pirtle, Cliff R. R Chaves, Eddy, Otero 32
Rodriguez, Nancy D Bernalillo, Santa Fe 24
Rue, Sander R Bernalillo 23
Sanchez, Clemente D Cibola, Socorro, Valencia 30
Sapien, John M. D Bernalillo, Sandoval 9
Sharer, William E. R San Juan 1
Smith, John Arthur D Doña Ana, Hidalgo, Luna, Sierra 35
Soules, William P. D Doña Ana 37
Stefanics, Elizabeth "Liz" D Grant, Lincoln, Quay, San Miguel, Santa Fe, Socorro, Torrance, Union, Valencia 39
Steinborn, Jeff D Doña Ana 36
Stewart, Mimi D Bernalillo 17
Tallman, Bill D Bernalillo 18
White, James P. R Bernalillo, Santa Fe, Torrance 19
Wirth, Peter D Santa Fe 25
Woods, Pat R Colfax, Curry, Quay, Union 7

New Mexico House of Representatives

Name Party County/Counties District
Adkins, David E. R Bernalillo 29
Alcon, Eliseo Lee D Cibola, McKinley 6
Armstrong, Deborah A. D Bernalillo 17
Armstrong, Gail R Catron, Socorro, Valencia 49
Baldonado, Alonzo R Valencia 8
Bandy, Paul C. R San Juan 3
Barnes, Sarah Maestas R Bernalillo 15
Brown, Cathrynn N. R Eddy 55
Caballero, Patricia Roybal D Bernalillo 13
Chasey, Gail D Bernalillo 18
Clahchischilliage, Sharon R San Juan 4
Cook, Zachary J. R Lincoln, Otero 56
Crowder, Randal S. R Curry 64
Dines, Jim R Bernalillo 20
Dow, Rebecca R Grant, Hidalgo, Sierra 38
Egolf, Brian D Santa Fe 47
Ely, Daymon D Bernalillo, Sandoval 23
Ezzell, Candy Spence R Chaves 58
Fajardo, Kelly K. R Valencia 7
Ferrary, Joanne J. D Doña Ana 37
Gallegos, David M. R Lea 61
Gallegos, Doreen Y. D Doña Ana 52
Garcia, Harry D Bernalillo, Cibola 69
Garcia, Miguel P. D Bernalillo 14
Gentry, Nate R Bernalillo 30
Gomez, Bealquin Bill D Doña Ana 34
Gonzales, Roberto "Bobby" J. D Taos 42
Hall, Jimmie C. R Bernalillo 28
Harper, Jason C. R Sandoval 57
Herrell, Yvette R Otero 51
Johnson, D. Wonda D McKinley 5
Jr., George Dodge, D Curry, DeBaca, Guadalupe, Roosevelt 63
Larrañaga, Larry A. R Bernalillo 27
Lente, Derrick J. D San Juan, Sandoval 65
Lewis, Tim D. R Sandoval 60
Little, Rick R Doña Ana 53
Louis, Georgene D Bernalillo 26
Lundstrom, Patricia A. D McKinley 9
Maestas, Antonio D Bernalillo 16
Martínez, Javier D Bernalillo 11
Martinez, Rodolpho "Rudy" S. D Doña Ana, Grant, Sierra 39
McCamley, Bill D Doña Ana 33
McQueen, Matthew D Santa Fe, Torrance, Valencia 50
Montoya, Rod R San Juan 1
Nibert, Greg R Chaves, Eddy, Lincoln 59
Powdrell-Culbert, Jane E. R Bernalillo, Sandoval 44
Rehm, William "Bill" R. R Bernalillo, Sandoval 31
Richard, Stephanie Garcia D Bernalillo, Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, Sandoval, Santa Fe 43
Roch, Dennis J. R Colfax, Curry, Harding, Quay, Roosevelt, Union 67
Rodella, Debbie A. D Rio Arriba, Taos 41
Romero, G. Andrés D Bernalillo 10
Rubio, Angelica D Doña Ana 35
Ruiloba, Patricio D Bernalillo 12
Salazar, Nick L. D Colfax, Mora, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, Union 40
Salazar, Tomás E. D Quay, San Miguel, Santa Fe, Socorro, Torrance, Union 70
Sariñana, Debra M. D Bernalillo 21
Schmedes, Gregg R Bernalillo, Sandoval, Santa Fe, Torrance 22
Scott, Larry R. R Lea 62
Small, Nathan P. D Doña Ana 36
Stapleton, Sheryl Williams D Bernalillo, Santa Fe 19
Strickler, James R.J. R San Juan 2
Sweetser, Candie G. D Hidalgo, Luna 32
Thomson, Elizabeth "Liz" D Bernalillo 24
Townsend, James G. R Chaves, Eddy, Otero 54
Trujillo, Carl D Rio Arriba, Santa Fe 46
Trujillo, Christine D Bernalillo 25
Trujillo, Jim R. D Bernalillo, Grant, Santa Fe 45
Trujillo, Linda M. D Santa Fe 48
Wooley, Bob R Chaves, Lea, Roosevelt 66
Youngblood, Monica R Bernalillo 68