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Leveraged Call Open!

January 5, 2023
Now accepting small business applications for technical assistance from scientists and engineers at Los Alamos and Sandia! NMSBA leveraged projects allow multiple small businesses that share technical challenges to request assistance collectively

NMSBA Quarterly Event with Guest Presenter Rural Efficient Business Program

August 11, 2022
On August 11, join NMSBA and the New Mexico Rural Efficient Business Program for an evening in Los Alamos learning about the benefits for New Mexico small businesses. RSVP and find more details here:

Parting Stone receives state, local grants to expand service

August 11, 2022
NMSBA participant Parting Stone solidifies cremated ashes into decorative rounded stones. Recently, they were given a $150,000 state Local Economic Development Act grant and $25,000 in LEDA funds.

NMSBA Client BioFlyte Raises $6.1M Investment

June 2, 2022
Cottonwood Technology Fund and Anzu Partners invested $6.1 million in BioFlyte as the company prepares for commercial launch of proprietary technology to detect airborne biological threats. The technology provides continuous and autonomous detection of airborne pathogens and chemicals through wall-mounted sensors that detect and identify toxins in real time. BioFlyte is targeting both defense and commercial markets to protect critical infrastructure, such as airports, buildings, and other high-transit environments.

NMSBA Client Rhino Health Plans Major Expansion Near Gallup

December 13, 2021

Rhino Health, Inc., a New Mexico manufacturer of medical gloves, is undertaking a massive expansion of its factory on the Navajo Nation near Gallup, a move company leaders hope will spur job development in the region. The Rhino Health Inc. nitrile glove factory in Church Rock will benefit from a 100,000-square-foot expansion project slated to start this spring, bringing a possible 300 jobs to the area, according to CEO Mark Lee. The facility expansion comes as other large employers on the Navajo Nation are shuttering. Lee, who lives in Gallup, said he hopes his business will encourage more commercial activity in the area, which has high rates of unemployment. Read more...

Rhino Health previously received technical assistance from Sandia National Labs through the NMSBA program to examine factory wastewater discharge options. The project determined methods to reduce factory water consumption by 22-30%. More information about the 2018 NMSBA project can be found here.

NMSBA Client Building Teardrop Trailers Even a Subcompact Car Can Pull

September 15, 2021
Earth Traveler Teardrop Trailers of Santa Fe brings the recreational experience not only to the RV and teardrop trailer, camping enthusiast community, but also to the general public. Their lightweight teardrop trailer lets owners tow with any standard size or small vehicles, and the design allows owners to go from compact form to pop-up for expanded interior space. Already utilizing high-tech materials like carbon fiber-Kevlar-Corecell to produce sub-300 pound trailers, the company is now turning to a different lightweight manufacturing material: chicken feathers.

NMSBA Client Management Sciences Awarded $500,000 via DOE Systems Integration and Hardware Incubator Funding Program

August 18, 2021

The Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office Systems Integration and Hardware Incubator funding program supports research, development, and demonstration projects that enable solar energy to contribute to the reliability and resilience of the nation’s electricity grid and continue driving down costs, while developing next-generation solar technologies and increasing U.S. solar manufacturing.

Management Sciences of Albuquerque is partnering with the manufacturer Amphenol to produce a connector that predicts and prevents arc faults, which can cause electrical fires, in photovoltaic systems. The Solar Guardian® Safety Connector will disconnect the PV system in less than two seconds to comply with the National Electrical Code. Sandia National Laboratories will evaluate the prototype and will test the pilot products before they undergo field-testing and validation by the Public Service Company of New Mexico.

Wildlife Protection Management wins National Science Foundation Grant

July 13, 2021
NMSBA client and NMSU AgSprint participant Wildlife Protection Management, Inc. (WPM) is a leader in shepherding innovative methods for humanely controlling and maintaining the health of horses and other wildlife. Thanks to a recent $256,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), WPM will work with New Mexico State University faculty to manage the data they've been collecting. Roch Hart, WPM’s CEO, used NMSU’s entrepreneur and business incubator Arrowhead Center services to work through the NSF grant application process. WPM had already grown by using several of the Arrowhead Center programs, and realized the potential of WPM's technology with no-cost technical assistance through the New Mexico Small Business Assistance (NMSBA) program.

mPower Technology's Solar Power Modules Selected for Space Evaluation

July 13, 2021

Innovative solar technology company and NMSBA client, mPower Technology, today announced that its DragonSCALES™ solar power module is being evaluated by Lynk Global, Inc. (Lynk) on its latest satellite launch. Lynk is assessing DragonSCALES as a potential candidate for power aboard its satellite constellation fleet. This is the first launch of DragonSCALES into low-Earth orbit, and the data collected during the mission will provide valuable feedback to validate the product’s performance in space.

DragonSCALES™ is a flexible, interconnected mesh of miniature solar cells. Leveraging well-established and affordable materials, processes, and tools from the silicon photovoltaic (PV) and microelectronics industries, DragonSCALES enables new design options for solar power, removing the constraints of existing silicon and gallium arsenide solar solutions, and enabling highly flexible, resilient, light-weight designs that can be rapidly deployed at extremely low cost.

NMSBA Client Using Science, AI to Unlock Green Energy in New Mexico

July 12, 2021
A group of Navajo entrepreneurs in Tohatchi have had their eye on the business potential of an oil-exploration well drilled in the 1950s, but they’re not considering fossil fuel production. The well produces water heated by hidden deep geologic processes. As a geothermal energy source, the well might help power the group’s plans to create a long-term food-water-energy nexus on the Navajo Nation, stimulating the local economy while helping New Mexico transition to a carbon-free energy portfolio. Through an agreement under the New Mexico Small Business Assistance program at LANL, the group engaged with lab scientists to investigate the geothermal resources and the aquifer below Tohatchi.

NMSBA Client Voss Scientific Receives $206,500 DOE SBIR Award

June 8, 2021
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced 235 small businesses, across 42 states, will receive $54 million in critical seed funding for 266 projects that are developing and deploying proof-of-concept prototypes for a wide range of technological solutions needed to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Voss Scientific, LLC, of Albuquerque was selected as an awardee for their advancement in solving laser distortions. The company is setting out to make high average-power laser amplifiers smaller, cheaper and more simplified by adding an optical window treated with a metasurface to solve thermal stress. With NMSBA assistance from Sandia National Laboratories the company has been able to evaluate and improve their technology.

NMSBA Client Parting Stone Featured in the Santa Fe New Mexican

May 20, 2021
“My big goal over the next few years or 10 years is make solidified remains the preferred option for all families with cremated remains.” Read about the growth of NMSBA Client Parting Stone

NMSBA Client Using New Process to Seal Abandoned Uranium Mines

April 23, 2021
A Santa Fe company is looking to nature for solutions to crumbling roads and uranium mines that were abandoned without proper capping. Bob Sherwin, CEO of Lithified Technologies, developed accelerated lithification technology, or LithTec, to mimic the process by which soil turns into stone over thousands of years. LithTec can be used to build roads that last longer and cost much less to build and maintain than roads built with traditional methods, Sherwin said. The same technology, he said, can solve serious problems associated with poorly sealed uranium mines.

Soil-to-Stone Technology Proves Breakthrough With Help from NMSBA Program

April 14, 2021

A Santa Fe company is looking to nature for solutions to crumbling roads and uranium mines that were abandoned without proper capping. Bob Sherwin, CEO of Lithified Technologies, developed accelerated lithification technology, or LithTec™, to mimic the process by which soil turns into stone over thousands of years. LithTec™ can be used to build roads that last longer and cost much less to build and maintain than roads built with traditional methods.

Along the way, Lithified Technologies sought help from the New Mexico Small Business Assistance (NMSBA) program, which pairs small businesses with scientists at the state’s national laboratories to test, design and research products that are technically challenging. The company obtained an individual NMSBA award in 2019 to have its trademarked soil technology tested and studied by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Read more at:

Now Accepting Leveraged Project Applications

January 13, 2021
The New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program is now accepting applications for Leveraged Projects through February 16. Leveraged Projects allow multiple small businesses with a shared interest to team up and receive collective assistance from experts at Los Alamos or Sandia national laboratories. Leveraged projects are eligible for up to $120,000 of technical assistance to help the companies solve their shared challenge. Click to download the PDF below for more information.
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2021 Leveraged Project Call--now open!

September 28, 2020
Team with other New Mexico small businesses to receive up to $120,000 of technical assistance to solve shared problems.
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Advancing Technology with TRGR

August 11, 2020
Los Alamos and Sandia National laboratories in partnership with the State of New Mexico are launching the New Mexico Technology Readiness Gross Receipts Initiative (TRGR) to advance technologies derived from New Mexico National laboratories past invention to be market ready. This is the first call for proposals. Statements of Intent are due August 27, 2020. Requests for assistance will be accepted on a rolling basis thereafter.

Helping NM's Science and Technology Companies Adapt During the COVID-19 Emergency

April 27, 2020
The Arrowhead Center is teaming up with NMEDD's Office of Science and Technology to provide access to programs which help science & tech companies face the COVID-19 health emergency.

Help for Businesses during the COVID-19 Health Emergency

March 16, 2020
Businesses seeking guidance and financial assistance during this time can find resources at the State of New Mexico

2021 Leveraged Project Call

January 13, 2020
Join other small businesses that share a technical challenge to request up to $120,000 of technical assistance.
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